We have created a range of hand-crafted, natural products for the Eido Woman’s needs, to complement the lifestyle she deserves. Whether she’s vacationing on a fancy island or at home, she can maintain the same level of wellness and luxury at all times. The product line ranges from natural luxury oils, cremes, therapeutic candles, to footwear.

With the infusion of nature’s luxuries to create products that elevate wholesome wellness- we want our Eido Woman to find balance in her mind, her body, and at her core. Our brand is centered around improving the mental, physical and emotional health of the Eido Woman and our mission is for her to live and radiate the fullness of her natural zen. We aim to do that by creating 100% natural products that are proven to raise her overall wellness- natural luxury oils, creams, and other products infused with healing and restorative properties.

Our strategy is to focus on sustainable extractive processes to preserve the natural properties of the raw materials infused into our products. With our unique extractive process, we preserve the essential elements of the raw material so that our products feel as close as possible to their natural state. By doing this, we bridge the gap between the Eido Woman and her immersive experience of nature that may otherwise not be possible without visiting remote locations around the world.

Our name is our promise. In every bottle, product, and purchase, we guarantee a fulfilling experience for the Eido Woman.

Our luxury vegan oils are made to support and aid relaxation with the infusion of select 100% pure essential oils. Responsibly hand-crafted by certified aromatherapists to support mind-body healing, the oils are light-weight for ease of penetration into the skin and leave a silky finish. Whether your needs are to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, naturally sun-protect and rid your skin of blemishes, or you simply just need to enjoy some calm after a long day, we have made the purest vegan oils to support your skin’s health and your well-being.


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