• Amanda Chattic


    Being a domestic violence survivor and having to deal with health concerns taught Amanda to be grateful for the new mercies God gives us every day and understanding that obstacles are a part of life. "It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond AND there is always someone in worse shape than you" she says. Amanda Chattic has been a licensed Life Insurance Agent since 1992. Passionate for helping and educating people, she believed that was her Ministry until God showed her otherwise. During a rough patch in her life, her business was born. Clients would call her the “The Purse Lady” and that’s what she named the business she birthed. Still considering it Ministry, she believes God placed her in a situation that she could meet and encourage people by sharing her testimony. Her motto is “trust YOUR journey, God has already worked it out!” Life's challenges don't stop Amanda as she is currently enrolled at Miami Dade College to obtain her bachelor’s degree in business management and Entrepreneurship while still working as a licensed Insurance Agent and leading her business "The Purse Lady Inc." This piece is inspired by Amanda's go-getter attitude, and is likened to a butterfly's metamorphosis. 


    Features detachable belt

    Transforms into a mini kaftan

    Hand-stitched with love in Miami