• Eido Revive



    Give your skin a healthy lift with this luxury vegan face oil infused with one of nature’s best secrets - Myrrh. This blend is restorative, smoothing and restructuring. It can be used on all skin types, including those that are prone to pimples. Relax, hydrate, moisturize, and soothe your skin.

    Main Ingredients:

    Vitis Vinifera (Oils extracted from the seed of grapes), Commiphora Myrrha (100% Pure Myrrh)


    For face, for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin.


    Moisturizes, naturally lightens dark circles, gradually fades scars, tightens skin, prevents sun damage, used in aromatherapy to uplift mood with its earthy fragrance, and is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.


    Use 1-2 drops twice daily, smooth into skin and gently massage into temples.

    Bottle Size:

    1oz (30ml)