• Jennifer Nicole Lee


    .Jennifer Nicole Lee's career as a top fitness expert and icon began when she lost over 80 pounds after the birth of her children. Her motivational weight loss success story caught the world’s attention, after she gained columns of accolades as a professional fitness competitor, holding countless titles and crowns. She gained international notoriety, due to her incredible transformation, and was soon a frequent guest on major national talk shows, such as The Oprah Winfrey Oprah, E! Entertainment, Fox and Friends, Extra, The Secret Lives of Women, and highlighted as the top ultimate “pitchwoman” and presenter on Discovery’s “Pitchmen” show, showcasing her captivating and strong TV sales power. Ms. Lee is a philanthropist contributing to many different organizations and endeavors to empower women across the globe through her conferences and most importantly, she is a devoted mother, representing the millions of other mom’s and women in the world with a brand they can trust. This piece is inspired by Jennifer's ability to contribute to the positive transformation of women.


    Features two detachable sleeves

    Top can be worn four different ways

    Hand-stitched with love in Miami